Plate 256 Purple Heron or Reddish Egret, Princeton Audubon Print
Plate 256 Purple Heron or Reddish Egret, Princeton Audubon Print

Plate 256 Purple Heron or Reddish Egret, Princeton Audubon Print

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"Purple Heron" though there may have been confusion here, judging from photos more likely a pair of Reddish Egrets (google it and judge for yourself), originally designed & published for John James Audubon's Birds of America, Plate #256.  Large, Double-Elephant sized like the Havell originals, this print measures approximately 27 in. by 39 in. This facsimile is from the “Princeton Audubon” Limited Edition Set and numbered 957 of 1500. This print has never been displayed or framed and is in excellent condition.

Princeton Audubon Limited Edition Prints

Pl. 256 Purple Heron from "Birds of America" by John James Audubon

The Princeton Limited Edition Audubon Double Elephant Prints come about as close as you can get in obtaining an exact copy of an antique "Birds of America" Havell original. Praised by many collectors and dealers alike as the finest Audubon facsimiles in beauty and quality on the market. Starting in 1985 Princeton Audubon Ltd continues to produce Audubon limited edition prints. These Audubon Prints are lithographs created by a process called Direct-Camera Lithography by the folks in Princeton.  This process creates the print without any reduction/enlargement steps commonly associated with photo-lithography and thus prevents image deterioration from the details of the original. Princeton Audubon has acquired their own Havell's to use as their image source. These privately acquired originals where then placed before a giant wall-mounted bellows process camera, with the film the same size as the print. With these steps a 1:1 transfer was maintained throughout the printing process, maximizing the detail retention from the original print. Princeton Audubon has only used the finest fade-proof inks available and used a 300 line screens on heavy-stock acid free paper which has been toned to match the color of the original. All prints measure about 27 x 39 inches. Each Princeton Edition Audubon Double Elephant Print is embossed with a seal and serial numbered by pencil. Most issues are limited to 1500 copies with a select few with lower issue size.