Plate 080 Bay-Breasted Wood Warbler Audubon Octavo First Edition

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We never use stock imagery for our products.  All images at Audubon Collector are actuals of the print under consideration.

This print has never been cleaned or restored.  Being over 170 years old it demonstrates characteristics commonly associated with its age and usage, such as natural discoloring of the paper (toning).  There are minimal spots of foxing (age spots). Please refer to the photos. Notes: There is a faint crease from handling that the scanner failed to even pick up running halfway through the bottom of the sheet. Also, the edge that was attached to the book has been trimmed removing that portion that held the glued sheet to the binding. That being said, I have compared the condition of this print to others and found this one to be among the best of this plate.  This print has minimal marks and colors look fresh. Overall, I believe that this print is in excellent+ condition.

This print measure 6 1/2″ x 10 1/4″

Feel free to email if you have any specific questions or requests regarding this print.

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