We Now Have Princeton Edition Audubon Prints for Sale!

Audubon Princeton Prints for sale Pl 242 Snowy Heron or White Egret, full sheet view

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to acquire some of the best “Birds of America” Audubon facsimiles available!

If you have wanted to own an original Havell print but don’t have a wallet large enough to afford one, then the Princeton Limited Edition Audubon Double Elephant Prints come about as close as you can get in obtaining an exact copy of an antique original.  Praised by many collectors and dealers alike as the finest facsimiles in quality on the market, at Audubon Collector we are lucky to offer a fine selection of them at prices I say will be hard to beat.

What makes the Princeton Editions the closest copies on the market?  According to the folks at Princeton Audubon Ltd. it’s because they are the only ones using a Direct-Camera lithography process.  With this Direct-Camera Lithography process there are no intermediary steps between original and final print. They claim that their process affords the least-loss of detail because unlike other methods they are not basing the plate images off of a copy, usually from a photograph, of an original Audubon print.  In these situations they claim some detail is lost during two process steps, the transferring of the image from original to photograph, and then again in transferring the image from photo to mechanical plate.  Why? Because usually the size of the transfer is not on a 1:1 basis.  Often, the original image is reduced on the transfer to film and then it’s restored to it’s original size again on the transfer from film to mechanical printing plate.  With each of these transfers they maintain there is an natural loss of detail to the original image.  In order to use the original images in the way they wanted to, Princeton Audubon has gone out in the market place and acquired their own Havell’s to use as their image source.  These privately acquired originals where then placed before a giant wall-mounted bellows process camera, with the film the same size as the print.  With these steps a 1:1 transfer was maintained with no reduction & enlargement process to lose detail when transferred to the mechanical printing plates.

Audubon Princeton Print for sale Plate 186 Pinnated Grous, full sheet view
Audubon Princeton Print for sale Plate 186 Pinnated Grous, full sheet view

It’s stated the they have only used the finest fade-proof inks available and used a 300 line printer on heavy-stock acid free paper which has been selectively toned to match the color of the original the image was based on. All measure about 27 x 39 inches. All Princeton Edition Audubon Double Elephant Prints are embossed with a seal and serial numbered by pencil.  Most issues are limited to 1500 copies with a select few with lower issue size.

Audubon Princeton Prints for sale Pl 121 Snowy Owl, full sheet view
Audubon Princeton Prints for sale Pl 121 Snowy Owl, full sheet view

These prints are being priced to sell quickly and once they are gone… they’re gone.  Luckily for the folks at Princeton Audubon, I only have one copy of these Audubon Prints.  But, if you should like to see the other prints available through Princeton Audubon or would like to learn more about their Direct-Camera Lithography Printing you can check them out at their website. BigFeathers.com They have many other Audubon Prints for sale, so check it out.  Just remember to come back to Audubon Collector to catch these limited specials before they are gone… you’ve been forewarned.


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